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Between the sun and the moon

Tote bags, 2014

In december 2014, the Bordeaux-based architecture center arc en rêve presented « Between the sun and the moon », a major monographic exhibition about the work of Studio Mumbai. The tote bag design is based on one of Bijoy Jain's “ tape drawings ” of the House on Kankeshwar Hill, Maharashtra.

[ Studio Mumbai Architects ]

Salon graphique — design graphique, ville et architecture

Printed and digital report for a graphic design show, 2014

The « Salons graphiques » are graphic design shows organized by the Center for Visual Arts (one of the French Ministry of Culture departments), to promote and develop professional discussion among graphic artists, those commissioning work and their various partners. One of these shows was held on october 15th in Bordeaux, and intended to discuss matters of graphic design, urban places and architecture.

Together with a group of fellow graduates, we designed a printed and digital report, resulting in a fold-out poster and a website that you can browse following the link below.

[ Browse the digital report ]

Atelier Entre-deux : Joseba Barriocanal, Leslie Darné, Marie-Cécile Gaucher, Delphine Gouzille, Lucie Lafitte, Marc Lafon, Marie Lafourcade, Margaux Saingolet, Clémence Sapparrart, Chloé Serieys.

A few lines

Installation, 2014

This art installation made of fifteen ink drawings represents the fragments of a travel itinerary followed across the Pyrenees. The real names of departure and arrival points have been replaced by words that have more to do with feelings and memories, while the drawings’ setting on the wooden structure matches the actual altitude of the territory.

It has been displayed during the exhibition [ ./Traversées ] in May 2014.


Poster proposal, 2014

Poster proposal for a fictional exhibition aiming to explore the relationship between graphic design and architecture, through the analysis of logotypes whose design is based on the architectural structure of buildings.

Screen writings

Printed and digital publication, 2013

« Écrits d’écran » (screen writings), is a journal gathering feature articles dealing with the use of digital tools and the way they can affect nowadays social practices. It has been designed simultaneously in its printed and digital version, during a week of experiments about the relationships existing between paper and screen in editorial design.


Poster, 2012

Poster designed after a few weeks of extensive research about the life and work of the Russian poet Vladimir Maïakovski.

Open texts

Poster proposal, 2011

Poster designed during a workshop led by Grégory Ambos and Régis Tossetti for the International poster and graphic design festival of Chaumont, France.

Quote :
« Le lecteur de l’âge électronique peut construire à sa guise des ensembles textuels originaux dont l’existence et l’organisation ne dépendent que de lui. »
[ Roger Chartier — Du codex à l’écran : les trajectoires de l’écrit ]